About I.D.E.M Company

About IDEM

IDEM Company was established in 1969 and initiated in 1971 with joint investment of Iran and Germany (70% & 30%) for manufacturing light, semi-heavy and heavy diesel engines of Benz in Gharamalek Industrial Site of Tabriz beside big companies like Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company, Tabriz Machine Manufacturing Company, Motogen, Charkheshgar, Iran Piston Manufacturing Company and Iran Ball Bearing Company. The first series of the products of this company was series 300 which were used in minibuses, buses and trucks manufactures by former Khavar Company (present Iran Khodro Diesel). The area of this factory is 17 hectares with about 7 hectares of roofed halls. The office of this company is located at No.23, Gandi St., Vanak Sq., Tehran. The products of IDEM Company are as follows: Diesel engines type 314 and 355 used in minibuses, buses, light and heavy trucks. New engines model 457, called Green Engines, used in buses and trucks manufactured by Iran Khodro Diesel Company. The requirements of Euro III and Euro II pollution standards are according to new engines series 900 of Green Engines which are tentatively manufactured, can go for mass production upon the order of customers.

Our Customers

Iran Khodro Diesel is our main customer and about 88% of engines produced by IDEM company are sold to Iran Khodro Diesel Company and are used in minibuses, buses and trucks. Our other customers in Iran are Govah Company, Tractor Manufacturing Company’s Van, SAPCO and Tehran Bus Company. Foreign customers of IDEM company are Daimler, Truckways and so on which are the main buyers of spare parts.

Our main goals

-Increasing of income and the market share in domestic and foreign markets.
-Increasing of productivity in production.
-Cost Management and increasing of profitability.
-Increasing domestic and foreign customer satisfaction.
-Localizing of engines and its spare parts.
-Quality and emission Level improvement and increasing the variety of products.
-Environmental Protection and work safety and respecting of community benefits.
-Proper management of the supply chain, improve and expand cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers.
-HR Excellency.
-Improvement and development of information management systems.

Our vision

Our vision is leadership of power train industries and related spare parts in domestic market and competitiveness in world level.

Our mission

Our mission is the manufacturing of power train and its spare parts with added value for domestic and foreign markets by helping of skilful human resources, latest technology and by respecting rights and interests of all stakeholders, pay attention to environmental issues, community benefits and employee satisfaction in order to achieve good profitability.

Our principle values

-We believe that the survival of the company depends on customer satisfaction and respect their rights.
-We consider that respecting employee rights and their satisfaction is one of the key factors and codes for stable success of the company.
-The responsibility towards the society is one the reasons of our existence and stability of our company.
-We, in IDEM, consider that environment protection and optimal use of resources is our service and responsibility towards community.
-We believe that respecting human dignity and rights is a religious and national duty.
-We believe that honesty and truth result in the transparency and effectiveness of human relations.
- We believe that team work culture is the success factors for continual improvement and we develop it.
-Respecting meritocratic in assigning responsibility is our worthiness principle.
- Desirable products quality is one of the company key values, we believe that it is survival factor and stable success of company.

Our Main Suppliers

Daimler Company of Germany, Iran Foundry Industries, Iran Tractor Manufacturing Foundry, Iran Piston Manufacturing Company, Bosch Company of Germany, Baharat of India, Sifco of Brazil, Heming of Germany, Aluminum Press, Bosch Bearing and so on. The minor suppliers are not mentioned here but the list of them is available at the company.

Engineering department

Engineering department with more than three decades of experience and taking advantage of its experienced personnel in different engineering fields such as designing and prototyping of engine parts, designing different parts of production and assembly processes and testing of diesel engines, planning, preparation and installation of all production machineries, equipments and tools is ready to offer engineering services according to the needs and requirements of customers. Considering the continuous improvement of product designs by Benz Company, the engineering department of IDEM attempts to upgrade its products concordantly and we can dare say that the products of IDEM are among the modern engines of the world.


Online communication with website of Daimler in order to upgrade and improve the products, technical documents and standards 3D design and computer-aided simulation, prototyping and making the parts required for installation of engine on different types of chassis according to the needs of customer using advance software like Catia Preparing the feasibility study for manufacturing of different types of engines such as assembling and testing the engines and machining of different parts of engine like main parts Making the required studies in order to manufacture the parts of diesel engines in Iran especially the main parts and guiding the Iranian manufacturers towards domestic production Design and planning of assembly process and testing the engines, preparing the technical documents including assembly, test and control programs, layout of equipments and machineries, control drawings, selecting, ordering and supervising over installation and implementation of equipments and tools of assembly and testing and finally management of project implementation Designing the manufacturing methods of engine parts using its long experiences in this field and the output of the project, the required technical documents according to ISO TS 16494 standard, manufacturing and control plan, selecting, ordering and supervising over installation and implementation of the required machineries and equipments, layout of equipments and machineries, adjustment and control maps, calculation of machining times, production management of the related jigs and fixtures, determining the required cutting tools and management of project execution

Tool making department

70 experienced and trained personnel are working in tool making department of IDEM in a workshop with the area of 2000 m² with more than 80 machines of different types and perform the design, production, changes, amendments and adjustments of all tools and jigs and fixtures used in production lines of IDEM and also design and make all spare parts used in more than 850 machines of production lines.

This department also designs different types of jigs and fixtures and spare parts of 850 machines manufactured by this company and measurement tools using different software such as Catia and Mechanical Desktop. The most important machineries and equipments in Toolmaking department Industrial services for other industrial units Some customers of tool making department Contact with director of tool making department

The most important machineries and equipments in tool making department.
1- Precise drilling and milling machines (with precision of 0.005).
2- Milling, lathing, planing, universal slotting machines with different sizes and dimensions.
3- CNC lathing and milling machines.
4- Spark Machine.
5- Round and flat grinding machines in different sizes.
6- Spur gear and spiral gear production machine.
7- Gearwheel grinding machine.
8- Grinding machine for different types of screws.
9- Balance Machine of grinding machine.
10- Forming machine of big stones.
11- Weld turning tools machines.
12- Different types of measurement equipments taking advantage of CNC Machines.
13- Different types of sharpening machines for sharpening of different types of drills, taps, reamers, mills, levelers and other special tools.
14- CNC 5-axis machine for sharpening of different types with precision of 0.001.
15- Forming machine of forming tool with tenfold precision.
16- Sharpening machine of modular mills.

Technology of Product.

As IDEM company is manufacturer of Benz Engines in Iran, the technology used in products of this company is the technology of Benz Company of Germany. Engines series 300 are diesel and internal combustion engines and the fuel is injected to combustion place with pressure using the main pump, but in new engines called Green Engines, Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is used which has a higher technology and the amount of consumed fuel is controlled by this system and it fulfills the requirements of Euro2 and Euro3 Standards in terms of pollution.

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