Values & Beliefs of IDEM

1- Observing the rights of shareholders, trade partners, customers and personnel and satisfying them is considered as one of the factors and keys of stable success of this company.
2- Sense of responsibility against the society, environment protection and optimized consumption of resources are the reason for our existence and the factor of stability
3- We believe that observance of human dignity and respecting the rights of others are religious and national duties.
4- We believe that honesty, truthfulness, justice, discipline and carefulness in practice result in sincere and effective human relations.
5- We believe that the culture of "team working" is the cause of our success in continuous improvement and we develop it.
6- Creating equal chances for development of personnel and observing their priorities in giving responsibilities are among our valuing principles.
7- Desirable processes and quality of the products are the main key values of the company and we consider them as the factor of our survival and stable success.
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