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Automotive engine is an engine widely used in heavy commercial vehicles such as trucks, trailers and buses. The engines produced by Iranian Diesel Engine Manufacturing Company, based on the standards defined by the German Daimler company and with confidence in the excellence and quality of these products, are a reliable point in responding to the country's transportation needs in the category of heavy vehicles.

Off Road

An industrial engine is an engine widely used in non-road industries, such as high-power generators, drilling rigs, combines, etc. According to the needs of the application, these engines have unique features and show higher performance than expected in harsh and difficult environmental conditions. The use of these products is a solid peace of mind for customers in superiority over competitors.

Spare Parts

Engine spare parts are the most important component in the proper operation of the car engine. The use of standard spare parts guarantees the correct operation of the car engine for a long time. To protect the rights of consumers and customers, IDEM company provides a suitable answer to customers along with the company's products by appointing trusted and reliable representatives throughout the country.

Industrial Services

It is obvious that the quality offered in the products of IDEM is the result of 50 years of experience in the automotive industry as well as valuable human resources. Providing technical capacities and capabilities of IDEM to the business environment of the industry provides the field for the development of small and large industries more than before and provides the grounds for the permanence of the working capital of the industry.

What do we do in Iranian Diesel Engine Manufacturing Company?

We are one of the top manufacturers of light, semi-heavy and heavy diesel engines in the Middle East. Our production complex was established in 1348 with the joint investment of Iran and Germany licensee of Daimler Benz of Germany and was put into operation in 1350.
With the start of production, the first products in 300 series engines and 314, 352, 355, 360 types were installed and used on minibuses, buses and trucks manufactured by Iran Khodro and Khavar.
In continuation and expansion and upgrading of our production products, we are now continuing the types 364, 314, 355 with upgrading the emission level of Euro2, Euro3 and Euro4.

We are one of the top manufacturers of light, semi-heavy and heavy diesel engines in the Middle East.

We are one of the best diesel engine quality control laboratories in the country.


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