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OM 355 Euro3 Engine

Introducing OM 355 Euro3 Engine

Cylinder block

The cylinder block is completely made of cast iron with complete cylinder (without bushing). The oil filter, injector pump, fuel filter and oil gauge are located on the right side of the engine (flywheel front side), and the starter, manifold are located on the left side. A V-shaped belt connects the water pump and the fan to the engine. Also, the engine has an oil pan made of steel sheet or light cast material.
Cylinder head
The cylinder head is made of cast iron and is separate for each cylinder. The intake manifold and the cylinder head cover are all made of lightweight cast materials.
The crankshaft is made of one-piece alloy steel by forging method and with very precise machining. The crankshaft of this engine is held in 7 points by three-layer bearings, with steel backs (with a polished bearing in the middle). Also, the crankshaft is balanced by special weights.
Connecting rod
The connecting rods, like the crankshaft, are made from one piece by forging and with very precise machining and can be separated. The connecting rod is maintained by a three-layer bearing, with steel backs, and has separate bronze bushings for connecting to the piston.
The camshaft is made of one piece by forging and with very precise machining and is maintained by 5 bearings. The camshaft provides its movement through the gear engaged with the crankshaft.
The pistons are made of cast aluminum and consist of 3 compression and oil control rings, and the piston and connecting rod in this engine can be removed from the top.


The valves are put to work by a combination of bracket, push rod, and rocking arms. Cast iron guide bushings and heat-resistant valve seat rings guarantee a long service life and maintenance period.
Sprinkler system
To use the fuel correctly, the direct injection method is used. The injection system includes a linear pump, fuel pump, fuel filter, multi-hole injector and an automatic injection timer.
Lubrication under pressure
Lubrication operation by means of a gear type oil pump that passes all the oil through the filter and feeds the crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rod, bearing and rocking arms. In this way, the injector pump, governor and air pump are connected to the engine lubrication system. In this system, safety valves are responsible for reducing excess pressure.
Cooling system
By using a centrifugal pump, depending on the application of the engine, air-to-water or water-to-water radiators can be used. The water temperature can be controlled by using a thermostat.


This engine can be used as a reliable source in industrial and commercial equipment, construction, agriculture, commercial vans, as well as a power generator source for all types of sea boats. According to the customer's request, this engine can be used for different purposes by being equipped with special tools.

Technical Specifications of OM 355 Euro3 Engine

Charts of Behavior OM 355 Euro3 Engine
Daimle Benz OM 355 Euro 3
Specifications Table of OM 355 Euro3 Engine
نوع سیلندر Inline/Vertical Cylinders type
تعداد سیلندر 6 Cylinders
قطر سیلندر (میلیمتر) 128 mm Cylinder Bore
کورس پیستون 150 mm Stroke
حجم موتور (لیتر) 11.58 Lit Total piston displacement
نسبت تراکم 16.82:1 Compression Ratio
حداکثر قدرت خروجی (کیلووات) 184 Kw @ 2200 rpm Max output (Kw)
حداکثر گشتاور(نیتوتن/متر) 1008 N.m @ 1400 rpm Max Torque (N-m)
وزن موتور خشک(کیلوگرم) 900 Kg Engine Dry Weight (kg)
کنترل موتور Mechanical Engine control
موقعیت نازل Vertical Nozzle position
سرعت متوسط پیستون 11.36 ms @ 2200 rpm Mean piston speed
فشار متوسط موثر 10.93 bar @ 1400 rpm Mean effective pressure
جهت چرخش(خلاف عقربه هاب ساعت) c.c.w Rotation
ظرفیت سیال خنک کننده 28 Lit Cooling water capacity
حداکثر ظرفیت روغن کارتر(اتوبوس/کامیون) 30/18 Lit Max Lubrication oil capacity (Bus/Truck)
حداقل مصرف سوخت 201 gr/kw.h Min. fuel consumption
سوپاپ دود 2 Exhaust Valves
سوپاپ هوا 2 Intake valves
استاندارد آلایندگی با گوگرد کمتر از 0.05 EURO III Emission Standard
سیستم ترمز موتور No Engine break system
Dimensions of OM 355 Euro3 Engine
Daimler Benz OM 355 Euro 3


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